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Overseas Project Initiative (OPI) is Ghanaian non-profit organization with the mandate to project the beautiful Ghanaian culture, histories and communities to international travelers who want to commit their time and resources to making a difference in communities in Ghana by participating in our projects.

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About us

We offer safe, flexible and affordable volunteer and internship programs.

Overseas Project, since May 2008 have been working with international travelers (volunteers and interns) from around the world in Ghana and in Senegal.

We have overall responsibility from when a volunteer or an intern signs up to the end of their project,  we follow up all feedbacks from volunteers and interns and also maintaining effective communication with all partners and agencies.


Our teaching volunteers have the opportunity to give lessons alongside local teachers, other volunteers and work independently. Our teaching program aims to provide sustainable educational support within disadvantaged schools and communities to reduce inequality in education

A happy volunteer together with one of the students 

Volunteer / internship Options

Choose between our variety of options for your Volunteer or Internship



Through our volunteers, we aim to empower underprivileged students by improving their future prospects and equipping them with the skills needed to actively engage in a multi-national community



You will also take part in school and community outreach to do wound dressing and give talk on basic but important health education such tooth brushing, adolescent Reproductive Health education, assist in counselling etc.


Child Care

This project offers volunteers the opportunity to play with children, learn through games and help their caregivers by being extra pair of hands to help the care center. You will be supported by trained care givers and OPI staff so you don’t have to be a professional to apply for this project.

Why choose Overseas Project Initiative (OPI)


We believe in the power of kindness to create a positive impact on the world. Our team is driven by compassion, ensuring every child receives the care, support, and understanding they need. Inclusive Community: At the heart of our mission is an inclusive and kind community. Together, we create a safe space where every child feels valued and supported on their journey.


We embrace creativity as a tool for sparking innovative learning experiences. Our programs are designed to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for learning among children. Arts and Expression: Through creative outlets such as arts and expression, we empower children to discover their unique talents, fostering a sense of confidence and self-expression.


Emotions drive our commitment. We understand the emotional intricacies involved in the areas of education and healthcare for children. It's not just about providing support; it's about empathizing, connecting, and creating a profound impact that resonates on a deeper, emotional level.


Holistic Well-being: Our approach incorporates emotional innovation, recognizing the importance of mental well-being. We provide resources and programs that address emotional needs, ensuring the holistic development of every child. Therapeutic Support: We go beyond conventional methods by integrating emotionally innovative practices that provide therapeutic support. This ensures a nurturing environment where children can flourish emotionally and psychologically.

Daily activities

Designed to help Volunteers and Interns make maximum impact



Assisting the class teacher
Giving homework
Assisting with slow learner
Marking exercises

Day Care

Assisting local care staff to receive kids from parents
Help to feed kids
Create and lead fun activities or sports.

Health Care

ou will also take part in school and community outreach to do wound dressing and give talk on basic but important health education such tooth brushing, adolescent Reproductive Health education, assist in counseling etc.

Health Care

Observing experienced local Doctors and Nurses and performing routine tasks in various departments at hospital, clinics
You will have the opportunity to learn about various tropical conditions and treatments.

Day Care

Coloring and painting
Changing diapers and clothing’s
Singing and dancing


Leading games (Coaching)
Planning lessons
Painting and drawing

Education. Health. Hope.

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