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Thank you for your interest in joining Overseas Project. Your passion and dedication to making a positive impact align perfectly with our mission. Together, we can create meaningful change and build a brighter future for those in need. We look forward to the incredible journey ahead as we work collaboratively towards our shared goals.

The process



After you have made a decision you apply online by filling out our application form, you then tell us what you want to do whiles in Ghana, then the date of arrival and a confirmation of your date of arrival in Ghana by providing us a copy of your e-ticket



Details of your project (what you have decided to do whiles in Ghana) and accommodation will be sent to you via email



Staff will provide you with support letter for visa acquisition



You can pay online securely or pay cash on arrival. Whichever way that is convenient for you works for us too. We are happy to provide you with support letter in case you need to raise funds to pay for your projects



Our staff will meet you at Terminal 3, Kotoka International Airport when you arrive wearing Overseas Projects Initiative T-shirt and holding OPI sign with a big smile. And together with the staff you will travel 1.45 minutes to Koforidua to meet your host family and other volunteers and interns. You may use the staff phone or internet to inform your family about your safe arrival in Ghana.



Our staff will pick you up from the family to show you the local office and all the places you need to know and how to get to your placement. Among the many things our staff will show you to our beautiful city, the market, lorry station, eating place, exchange centers and also how to manage the difference in culture

Accommodation and other living arrangements

After you are picked up by a staff from Kotoka International Airport, you will be taken straight to your accommodation and introduced the host family. Volunteers and interns live with the local family and hence gain a far richer and more varied experience of Ghanaian life. Living with a Ghanaian family can be and should be a wonderful experience if time is taken to get to know the family.

Ghanaian host parent can be over protective of their volunteers and interns. This sometimes leads to volunteers and interns feeling over-protected by the host family, who may not want them to go out in the evening.

Please be sensitive to this, and remember that the family is only trying to look after you well. Our host takes their responsibility of hosting volunteers and interns very seriously. Usually if you sit with them and explain what you want to do and that you are used to looking after yourself, then they will be happy to give you more freedom.

Food and Drinking water

The host family will provide all of your meals and plenty of drinking water will be available in your home. If you are not able to go home for lunch because of the distance between your home and your place of work then your host family will provide you with a packed lunch on your request.


The Cost For This Experience

2 weeks

USD $500
Equivalent to $36/day

3 weeks

USD $620
Equivalent to $30/day

4 weeks

USD $740
Equivalent to $24/day

5 weeks

USD $860
Equivalent to $23/day

6 weeks

USD $1,010
Equivalent to $24/day

8 weeks

USD $1,300
Equivalent to $23/day

10 weeks

USD $1790
Equivalent to $25/day

12 weeks

USD $2,150
Equivalent to $25/day

16 weeks

USD $2,710
Equivalent to $24/day

20 weeks

USD $3,830
Equivalent to $27/day

24 weeks

USD $4,150
Equivalent to $24/day

Please note: Medicine and dental students who intend to do their clinicals/internship will pay an additional USD $100 for their place

The monies you pay take care of the following service we provide
But it does not take of your:

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